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Application Deadline January 13, 2021
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IBES Research Seed Funding

Funding Opportunities

IBES Core and Elected Fellows are encouraged to apply for research funding to support environmental research. Proposals are sought for three different funding categories: Multi-Investigator Research Projects, Individual-Investigator Research Projects, and Working Groups.

  1. Multi-Investigator Research Projects – These projects will have two or more Brown faculty, at least one of whom is an IBES Fellow, working in collaboration. The faculty need not be from different departments, but the project must address a research question that extends beyond the boundaries of a single disciplinary focus. External collaborators are also allowed. Expected outputs should include publications or externally funded grant proposals. The maximum budget is $60K, over a maximum period of 2 years.
  2. Individual-Investigator Research Projects – These projects are developed by a single Fellow, but could also include multiple non-Brown participants if appropriate. The maximum budget is $30K, over a maximum period of 2 years, but generally we expect these requests will be fairly modest.
  3. Working Groups – These projects will tackle a research question that is best addressed with expertise from a diverse group of participants – one that will meet iteratively over an extended period of time. The group should include two or more IBES Fellows, but would also be expected to include other participants from both on and off-campus. The Fellows need not be from different departments but the research question must extend beyond the boundaries of a single, disciplinary department. Generally, working groups will leverage diverse expertise to provide synthesis and analysis (such as meta-analysis) of an important environmental topic, work to open a new sphere of study, or work to address a complex applied challenge. Expected outputs should include publications and/or the development of an externally funded project. Maximum expected budget is $60K, over a maximum period of 2 years.

The application process for 2020 is structured as follows:

  1. A Letter of Intent (LOI) with one page that describes the project’s goals, methods, outcomes and participants, and a second page that includes a budget and references. The LOI is due by Wednesday, January 13, 2021 via this form. Feedback will be provided by the IBES Deputy Director.
  2. A written proposal no longer than four pages (inclusive of budget, brief budget justification and references) describing the project will be due on Friday, February 12. All proposals should include a brief timeline for proposed work, with a start date as early as March 15th, 2021. Note that regular, full-time faculty may not request salary as part of the proposal, however, research/teaching faculty may request up to 2 months of salary support. Working Group proposals should include a table of participants, which in addition to affiliation and area of expertise, also indicates individual’s commitment to participation as “unknown”, “tentative” or “confirmed”. A committee will evaluate all proposals with an aim of making a funding decision by Friday, February 26.

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Meredith Hastings, Deputy Director of IBES.