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April 26, 2021
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Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunity

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We are searching for a research-minded Postdoctoral Research Associate to join Brown University and the Scale Aware Sea Ice Project's efforts to understand polar change.  

The scientist will join a growing cohort of polar oceanographers and polar-focused scientists at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. They will focus on understanding ocean and wave-driven mixing under sea ice - specifically coupling and running an ocean general circulation model (e.g., MITgcm/ROMS/MOM) with new discrete and continuum sea ice models.

In their role, they will be assisted by a research scientist at Brown's Center for Computation and Visualization and a second postdoctoral researcher at Brown, and work with collaborators in Norway, France, and New Zealand who have developed the core sea ice codes. We envision the scientist will have significant leeway for scientific exploration and self-directed research, especially with collaborators within IBES and at Brown.

The position salary is $62,500 for two years, with the possibility of extension. Relocation support will be offered. The hire will have access to significant research, computing, and travel support. Hosting or traveling to research visits will be supported, though not required.

Please direct questions to Christopher Horvat: