Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Nicole Burns

Advisor, Pursuing ScB in ENI Track
Areas of Expertise Science communication, Food justice, Balancing pre-med requirements with an ENVS Concentration, Voting rights


Nicole is a senior from Seattle, WA on the Environmental Health and Inequality track. She is also a pre-med student, and hopes to bring attention to ways in which climate change, pollution, land use, and food insecurity impact human health. At Brown, she researches the impacts of toxicant exposure on zebrafish brain and blood vessel development, plays ultimate frisbee, and cooks elaborate meals with Market Shares produce. She loves the intersection of food and science, and has been a TA for Urban Agriculture, an intern at an environment and food publishing company (Stone Pier Press), and a volunteer with the Rhode Island Food Policy Council. Nicole is happy to discuss science communication, food justice, voting rights, balancing pre-med requirements with an ENVS concentration, or anything else.