Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Samiah Moustafa

Visiting Assistant Professor of Environment and Society
UEL, Room 209
Research Interests Cryosphere, Hydrology, Climatology, Remote sensing, Surface albedo


Samiah Moustafa recently received her PhD in the Department of Geography at Rutgers University as a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow.  Her research interests include the cryosphere, hydrology, climatology, remote sensing, and surface albedo. 

Samiah’s research focuses on investigating the impact of climate change in the Arctic. Within the Arctic, the Greenland ice sheet has experienced an acceleration in mass loss dominated by surface meltwater runoff corresponding to increased contributions to sea level rise. Further, surface albedo, or the reflectivity of the ice sheet, is a key physical variable that regulates the amount of solar radiation absorbed at the ice surface, and thus, meltwater produced. One of Samiah’s primary research goals is to explore understudied scientific questions about Greenland ice sheet hydrology, its relation to surface albedo, and responses to atmospheric warming at local to continental scales. This research is founded on an innovative combination of field-derived measurements, remote sensing, and modeled data. Ultimately, her work seeks to improve understanding of Greenland’s long-term albedo trends and constrain estimates of meltwater runoff contributions to global sea level rise.