Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Therese (Tess) Carter

PhD student, MIT


Therese (Tess) Carter is a PhD student in atmospheric chemistry at MIT, working on air quality, climate, and fires. Prior to MIT, Tess was the National Climate Assessment Program Coordinator as a contractor to the US Global Change Research Program’s National Coordination Office, which coordinates the climate science research of 13 federal agencies. She is a 2016 graduate (Honors) of Brown University with a B.S. degree in chemistry. At Brown, she received both a Voss Environmental Fellowship and a Royce Fellowship to investigate the regulation of nitrogen and how to communicate these findings to scientists, policymakers, and citizens – she subsequently published a peer-reviewed article on this work in Ecosphere. She has also published Op-Eds in the Huffington Post and US News and World Report on student and faculty diversity movements and green chemistry.