Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Graduate Affiliation

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society welcomes affiliation by graduate students from all disciplines whose research interests center on understanding environment and society.

Although Brown does not offer a graduate degree through IBES, the Institute currently has partnerships with a variety of University departments. This provides graduate students with the flexibility to pursue a rigorous disciplinary education while simultaneously conducting valuable, stimulating multi-disciplinary research and being part of a vibrant, collegial, interdisciplinary community.

There are many advantages to becoming an IBES Graduate Student Affiliate. Applicants will benefit from the collaborative and interdisciplinary environment at IBES, which provides numerous opportunities to develop ideas, professional skills and networks. Graduate Affiliates are also encouraged to attend IBES seminars, our annual retreat and social events whenever possible. In addition, affiliated PhD students are eligible to apply to our bi-annual graduate research, training and travel awards competitions. 

Discover more about the research interests of our current graduate affiliates, who hail from a growing constellation of IBES-affiliated departments across the natural and social sciences and humanities departments and schools of engineering and public health.


If you are a current graduate student at Brown engaged in environmentally-related research, you can apply to become an IBES graduate affiliate.

Archeological dig in SardiniaAffiliation in IBES is open to all fully-enrolled Brown University graduate students (Masters & PhD) whose research significantly relates (or will relate) to environmental research in the physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, public health, and/or humanities. Applicants should also be seeking an interdisciplinary environment to develop their ideas, professional skills and networks.

Applications are accepted twice per year. Students should plan to renew their affiliation each year. For more information, please contact academic program manager Jeanne Loewenstein.