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The New Bedford Light

False rumors in the wind

This article features research from IBES' Climate and Development Lab and commentary from Timmons Roberts, lab director and professor of environment and society.
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Meet the Postdocs: Jada Ko

Meet Dr. Jada Ko, a new of new Voss Postdoctoral Researcher at IBES! Originally from Hong Kong, Ko is a zooarchaeologist working with Assistant Professor Brian Lander to reconstruct historical narratives about turtles and their relationships to people. Read this Q&A to learn more about Ko's work and what she looks forward to at Brown.
Visiting IBES Professor Robert Brulle offered extensive commentary for this article, noting that a recent ad on The Daily podcast is "a pretty clear cut case of misleading advertising."
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IBES Appoints 35 New Faculty Affiliates

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society is pleased to welcome affiliates representing over 20 different departments, schools, and centers across the University.

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