Institute at Brown for Environment and Society


Brown students change the world. IBES helps them save the planet.

Undergraduate concentrations in Environmental Studies and Environmental Science are housed within IBES. These concentrations provide the breadth across environmental fields along with the disciplinary depth and practical experience needed to launch students into productive professional careers.

Graduate students are supported by IBES, which provides a venue for multi-disciplinary research and education across academic units and through research and travel funding opportunities.

Undergraduate environmental education at Brown has a long, prestigious history dating back to the founding of the Center for Environmental Studies in the 1970s.

Many of the most pressing challenges of the 21st Century are environmental ones. These challenges are complex, multifaceted and can best be solved with expertise from multiple, relevant disciplines.
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The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society welcomes affiliation by graduate students from all disciplines whose research interests center on understanding environment and society.
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