Institute at Brown for Environment and Society


At IBES, we take a unique approach to scholarship: pairing the passion, drive, and creativity of undergraduate students with the expertise of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty, across the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.

IBES Faculty are directly appointed within IBES and often have joint appointments with other units at Brown. As a group, they exemplify the innovative, cooperative and interdisciplinary foundations of IBES research and teaching.
IBES Elected Fellows and Affiliates comprise recognized leaders from across Brown with an outstanding record of achievement and ability in diverse areas of environmental scholarship.
IBES Postdoctoral Associates include recipients of our prestigious Voss Postdoctoral Fellowship and scholars conducting research with IBES fellows from across the University.
IBES Graduate Affiliates are Ph.D. students hailing from departments across the University who have substantive research interests in environmental sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
IBES Staff support all administrative functions at the Institute — including the management of education and research programs, communications, and IT needs.
IBES Leadership develops and implements the Institute’s ongoing research initiatives and educational programs, and provides intellectual guidance for its multidisciplinary community of affiliated scholars and students.
IBES Undergraduate Peer Advisors assist 1st & 2nd year students with questions about the Environmental Studies & Sciences curriculum, types of support available to undergrads, and curricular options. Please feel free to reach out to them for a fellow student's perspective!

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