Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

IBES Alumni & Friends Network

Uniting our global community of environmentally focused Brunonians to share information, build connections, support Brown students, and stay up to date on IBES’ latest developments.

About the network

The new IBES Alumni & Friends Network is dedicated to fostering lasting connections and collaboration among Brown University alumni and their families who share a deep interest in climate, sustainability, and environmental matters.

Our network aims to:

  1. Facilitate meaningful networking opportunities, enabling our members to connect, engage, and share experiences, knowledge, and expertise.

  2. Keep our vibrant community informed and engaged by providing regular updates and insights into the groundbreaking climate, sustainability, and environmental initiatives taking place at IBES and throughout Brown University.

  3. Serve as a bridge, connecting our alumni and their families with diverse opportunities to support and contribute to our mission, including student mentoring, presentations, collaborative research projects, and fundraising efforts.

Together, we strive to create a dynamic and supportive network that not only strengthens our connections but also advances the vital work being done in the fields of climate, sustainability, and the environment. By leveraging our collective passion and expertise, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact on these critical global challenges.



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