Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) is accelerating solutions to the most complex climate and sustainability challenges of our time through interdisciplinary research and teaching.

Empowering people, driving solutions for a sustainable world

Today’s problems are complex and interconnected, and so are the solutions. Addressing the 21st century’s most pressing climate and sustainability challenges requires new levels of collaboration and action across disciplines, sectors, and scales of impact. 

Through solutions-focused research and education enabled by deep partnerships across Brown and beyond, IBES aims to be an engine of real-world impact and a training ground for the next generation of changemakers building a just, sustainable world.  

Grounded in a culture that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, nimble innovation, public engagement, and equitable outcomes, we seek to bolster knowledge-to-action pathways in Providence, across the nation, and around the world.

Celebrating 10 Years


As IBES marks a decade of impact, we reflect on our journey, achievements, and vision for a bright future.

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In recognition of his commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive academic environment, IBES and DEEPS Assistant Professor Daniel E. Ibarra has been selected for the Graduate School Faculty Award for Advising and Mentoring in the physical sciences.
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At a full-day conference in April, attendees from across industries and geographies gained insights into the complexities of carbon offsets and their impact on global efforts to combat climate change.
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Possibly Podcast

Looking at the science behind proposed solutions to environmental challenges, to help listeners cut through the noise and make choices that, possibly, will make a difference.

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What We Do

Climate change and flooding, pathogens and poverty, conflict and extinction – these threats know no borders. Our fragile planet and its vulnerable peoples are at risk. This time of unprecedented challenge requires bold solutions and innovative thinking.
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Brown students change the world. IBES helps them save the planet.
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Sustaining life on Earth requires change in the way we power our campuses and cities, how we incentivize reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and how we grow and distribute our food.
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