Institute at Brown for Environment and Society


We offer support for scholars at all levels, from high school students to tenured faculty. Explore our funding opportunities to learn more.

IBES offers formal affiliation to Brown University graduate students who are engaged in environmentally-related research. IBES graduate affiliates are eligible for funding from the Institute for research, training, and travel.
IBES offers seed funding opportunities to current Institute fellows, as well as grants for travel and other expenses. Brown faculty who are engaged in environmentally-related research may petition to become affiliated with IBES.
IBES supports research by early-career scholars in the form of Voss Postdoctoral Fellowships, which are open to experts holding a PhD in any field of study relevant to environmental research.
IBES funds a variety of programs for undergraduates, including our competitive Voss Environmental Fellowships; annual high-quality, curated summer internships; and funding for summer research experiences.