Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

IBES 10th Anniversary

Join us in celebrating the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society's longstanding legacy of impact.

Celebrating 10 Years


As IBES marks a decade of impact, we reflect on our journey, achievements, and vision for a bright future.

10th Anniversary Celebration: Photo Highlights

On Friday, May 24, 2024 we kicked off Commencement Weekend with a celebration of a decade of empowering people and driving solutions for a sustainable world. IBES students, alumni, families, faculty, and friends gathered under a tent on the South Walkway to explore the roots of environmental scholarship at Brown and learn how the extended IBES family is addressing the complex challenges of our time. Attendees heard from Director Kim Cobb, mingled with friends old and new, shared an anniversary cake, and raised a glass to the future of IBES. 

A Decade of Impact in Climate, Sustainability, and the Environment

In 2014, the Hunter Psychology Lab at 85 Waterman Street underwent a significant renovation, completely transforming the building's anatomy and purpose. With the installation of state-of-the art equipment and the relocation of Brown's greenhouse, 85 Waterman became the University's hub for environmental studies. That same year, undergraduate concentrations in environmental research and education were consolidated into the unified ENVS program, which emphasized integrated teaching and research under the leadership of founding director Amanda Lynch. What emerged was the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, Brown’s center for interdisciplinary learning and research dedicated to tackling the complex climate and sustainability challenges of our time.

Now, 10 years later, we extend a warm invitation to the Brown community with shared interests in climate, sustainability, and the environment to celebrate IBES’ achievements, reflect on the Institute’s journey, and embrace its plans for the future.

IBES’ 10th anniversary is a chance to:

  • Recognize and honor the significant contributions in research and teaching made by IBES and led by faculty and students over the past decade.

  • Share IBES’ vision for the future: honoring the long history of environmental studies at Brown while also articulating plans for our future. 

  • Strengthen connections among members of our growing alumni and family community.

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