Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Goal 3: Engaging for Impact

Engaging for Impact

Serve as a hub of information exchange and a trusted source of expertise to a diverse set of internal and external collaborators and partners.

In order to translate the innovative work of the IBES community into real-world impacts, we must reach audiences and partners outside of academia, here in Rhode Island and around the world. In order to achieve this goal, we will create programs to enhance collaborations with diverse research and teaching partners and build communications and outreach infrastructure and programs to reach new audiences. We will also work to nurture a culture of thought leadership within IBES by supporting access to relevant training and networks and by recognizing public engagement as a critical component of our work. By engaging for impact, IBES will become a respected voice and partner for solutions-oriented ideas and work at the interface of environment and society.



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  1. Establish and maintain active channels with policymakers at the city, state and federal levels.
  2. Build a network of community partnerships characterized by frequent communication, action on shared priorities and mutual trust.
  3. Foster strategic ties to a diverse set of private sector partners as potential funders, partners and end users of our research and its products.
  1. Enhance the number and quality of media appearances and social media engagement by IBES faculty, staff and students.
    1. Offer media training to members of the IBES community.
    2. Assist faculty in developing sustained relationships with national media contacts (e.g., journalists in residence, media roundtables).
    3. Create mechanisms to reward faculty for public engagement.
    4. Create tools and products that synthesize and disseminate IBES scholarship of high policy relevance.
  1. Host a marquee annual event focused on solutions-inspired research, education and engagement.