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Lynch elected to Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research

IBES Director and Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Amanda Lynch has been elected a member of the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research by unanimous vote of the Academy's Board.

Amanda Lynch

The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research (Norges Vitenskapsakademi for Polarforskning) is "the world's only scientific academy that concentrates on the polar regions and related challenges within all scientific disciplines and in an international perspective."

The Academy writes,

It is our intention that the Academy shall be the central node in the network of international academies and scientific organizations related to research and education in the Polar Regions, both north and south.... The Academy's ambitious vision is enhancing polar science for the benefit of mankind. We look very much forward to a fruitful cooperation on this.

Lynch, who studies indigenous environmental knowledge and analyzes climate policy, particularly in the Arctic, has been concentrating her most recent work in Norway and other north Atlanic regions.

Her membership was presented during the Academy's Annual Meeting held in Trondheim, Norway on December 1st, 2017.