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More intense tropical cyclones ahead, predicts Parker in Climate Dynamics

Former graduate affiliate turned Lynch Lab postdoc Chelsea Parker has authored a paper on her PhD work now out in the journal Climate Dynamics.

Tropical Cyclone Yasi
Tropical Cyclone Yasi over Australia, 2 February 2011. Image: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

The paper, entitled The response of land-falling tropical cyclone characteristics to projected climate change in northeast Australia, details the way climate scientists might expect tropical cyclones, or hurricanes, to change if there is no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

"While the active 2017 hurricane season has focused media attention on Atlantic storms, tropical cyclones continue to disrupt many other tropical areas, including Australia," explains Parker. "Unlike previous work, this research specifically focuses on the change in each damaging characteristic of a cyclone, including pressure, wind speed, forward speed, track, size, and hourly rainfall with a warmer climate."

To learn more about Parker's work, check out the paper, or read her recent post about Australian tropical cyclones and climate change on the NCAR/UCAR C3WE blog.