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Providence's climate change future captured in documentary by Brown undergrad

Last month, a group of 75 business and civic leaders met at Brown University to hear from local scholars about the climate crises facing the city of Providence in the coming years.

Providence Water GraffitiThe event, called the Providence Resilience Partnership, was co-sponsored by IBES and Brown University, together with the University of Rhode Island, and was designed to relay the latest climate data to Providence's business community and civic leadership. Participants learned about the risks posed by imminent sea level rise and flooding, and discussed ways to make the city more resilient in the coming years.

The event also included a special documentary produced by videographer Celia Hack '21, which details local impressions of climate change among city leaders, forecasts the changes that may occur within the next few decades, and considers how the Providence community might come together to fortify the city against sea level rise and similar climactic hazards.

View the documentary

For more information about the Providence Resilience Partnership event, read the coverage by Alex Reice '21.