Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

IBES, and Former EPA Director Spalding highlighted in The Boston Globe

"The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society works to strengthen research and teaching associated with understanding complex socioecological challenges.

"By connecting faculty across Brown academic departments, IBES promotes interdisciplinary understanding of how climate change and other environmental challenges will affect lives of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world."

So says community resilience researcher Curt Spalding in a piece out this week in The Boston Globe.

The piece, part of a weekly column called Ocean State Innovators, spotlights influential entrepreneurs and researchers in Rhode Island. Spalding, Professor of the Practice of Environment and Society at IBES, was also former Regional Director of EPA.

To learn more about Spalding's current work at IBES or about the Institute more specifically, check out the story: ‘With so much coast and so little land, R.I. is the most vulnerable state in New England'