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Brown students offer perspectives in sustainability book "Modern China"

In Fall 2019, sustainable investing advocate and Brown instructor Cary Krosinsky approached 12 Brown University students to contribute to his recent book, "Modern China: Financial Cooperation for Solving Sustainability Challenges."

Modern China book coverIn "Modern China," Krosinsky advocates for more cooperation between China and the west.

According to the book summary:

Cary Krosinsky provides readers with an on-the-ground perspective of what’s really happening in China today on the back of its recent economic rise, its desire and need to solve environmental challenges and the new positive dynamic created by its need for foreign capital.

In doing so, Krosinsky and his colleagues from the Sustainable Finance Institute and Brown University highlight how China has recaptured its role as a leader in innovation, arguing that current approaches to the relationship hinder global progress on issues such as climate change, inequality, air pollution, food integrity and water security and pushes back on confrontational approaches and attempts to clarify misperceptions about contemporary China.

Participating students recently shared their experiences with the US-China Better Relations Coalition.

Read their reflections

The US-China Better Relations Coalition aims to "[foster] better relations between the US and China through student initiatives and a network of students and groups."

Krosinsky has taught Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing through IBES since 2016. This course helped to create, and currently supports, the Brown University Sustainable Investment Fund (BUSIF) within the university’s endowment.