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CSSN Presents at the 2022 Conference - Global Climate Governance in The Face of Obstruction

The Climate Social Science Network (CSSN) co-hosted and presented at the 2022 conference - Global Climate Governance in The Face of Obstruction.  CSSN believes the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations could benefit from participants better understanding the nature of climate obstruction networks, how their strategies are changing, and what approaches are proving successful in combating these efforts.  Below are links to recordings of the CSSN sessions:

June 08 Session

  • The Structure of Climate Obstruction and the Critical Role of Climate Social Science
  • National Contexts of Climate Obstruction
  • Climate Negotiations and the Role of the Fossil Fuel Industry

June 09 Session

  • Obstruction in the International Political Economy of Climate Governance
  • Loss and Damage: What Stands in the Way of Progress and What is Needed to Move Ahead

June 10 Session

  • Reflections from the Science/Activism Frontier: The Case of Solar Geoengineering