Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Natasha Sekhon Receives Brown Postdoctoral Excellence Award

Natasha Sekhon, an IBES Postdoc working with Professor Dan Ibarra, was awarded a 2022 Brown Postdoctoral Excellence Award  for for Research/Teaching.  Congratulations Natasha! This was a very competitive selection, with clossekhone to 70 nominations for many worthy candidates.

Natasha is a low-temperature geochemist and paleoclimatologist whose research combines concepts from karst and speleothem sciences to investigate the hydroclimate of terrestrial environments varying on seasonal to millennial time scales. She investigates the geochemical trends of stalagmites extracted from caves and actively monitors them to assess the sensitivity of climate variable on proxy systems. Her Ph.D. work explored the utility of stalagmites from near-entrance cave settings in New Mexico as potential recorders of recharge episodes. While at Brown, she will be working with Dr. Dan Ibarra studying the history of droughts and floods in the Philippines.