Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Ezequiel Vanderhoeven

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, International Postdoctoral Fellow-National Scientific and Technological Research Council Argentina


Ezequiel is a veterinarian whose main field of interest is the study of disease ecology in the wild-domestic interface. He works on identifying diseases (viral-bacterial and parasitic) circulating in diverse mammals and understanding the social and ecological conditions that could lead to spillover infections that harm humans and livestock. He has a post-doctoral fellowship from the-National Scientific and Technological Research Council Argentina and at Brown he will be working in Dr. Kartzinel Lab researching on the impact of human activities on the occurrence of diseases affecting Armadillos in the Chacoan region of Argentina. 

Ezequiel early research activities involved studying the effect that parasites could have in capuchin monkeys populations, he is also a staff member of the Jaguar Project collaborating in captures for radio collaring of big cats to assess their health, monitor their distribution and populations in the Atlantic Forest . Ezequiel earned his PhD thesis studying pathogens affecting wild herbivores (Tapirs, peccaries, brocket deers and capybaras) and livestock in the Iguazu National Park, where he trained a research dog to rely on collecting the samples.