Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Solutions for Wildlife and Humans on African Plains

Some of the biggest challenges for promoting wildlife conservation and advancing human livelihoods involve making sure that people, their livestock, and the wildlife that live alongside them each have enough to eat.

At IBES, Tyler Kartzinel and his lab are blending traditional ecological experiments, which use a gradient in climatic conditions to infer the influence of future changes in climate, together with novel DNA-based analysis of animal dung to learn more about the nuances of animal diets in Kenya, enabling them to determine how different animals are likely to impact vegetation, what other animals they are likely to compete with and how this will be impacted by changes in climate.

Together with researchers, landowners, pastoralists, and wildlife conservancies, they are devising ways to share and use land that enhance the productivity and prosperity of human and animal populations, both now and in the future.