Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Undergraduate Courses Offered This Semester

FALL 2023

Kurt Teichert ENVS 0070C Transportation Impacts Tu Thu 1:00-2:20pm 
Dawn King & Leslie Acton ENVS 0110 Humans, Nature, & the Environment M W F 10:00-10:50am 
Stephen Porder ENVS 0465 Climate Solutions Wed, 3:00-5:30pm 
Leslie Acton & Sarah Lummis ENVS 0717 Ocean Resilience M W F 1:00-1:50pm 
Alex Poterack ENVS 1350 Environmental Economics & Policy M W F 2:00-2:50pm 
Kurt Teichert ENVS 1400 Sustainable Design Tu Thu 9:00-10:20am 
Cary Krosinsky ENVS 1545 Sustainable Investing Tu Thu 6:40-8:00pm 
Mindi Schneider ENVS 1554 Farm Planet M W F 11:00-11:50am 
J. Timmons Roberts ENVS 1574 Climate Policy Research Mon 3:00-5:30pm 
Amanda Lynch ENVS 1615 Environmental Policy Process Tu Thu 10:30-11:50am 
Rachel Wetts ENVS 1823 Climate Media, Discourse, & Power Tu Thu 10:30-11:50am 
Mindi Schneider ENVS 1825 Commodity Natures Tu Thu 2:30-3:50pm 
Bathsheba Demuth & Macarena Gomez-Barris ENVS 1905 Environmental Theories and Praxis Mon 3:00-5:30pm 
Bathsheba Demuth & Elizabeth Rush ENVS 1911 Narrating the Anthropocene Thu 4:00-6:30pm 
Scott Frickel ENVS 1926 Rethinking Chemical Environments Wed 3:00-5:30pm