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Guide to Environmental Groups

Brown University Groups

Annual conference started in 2008 by Steve Daniels and Sharon Langevin of Brown University Engineers Without Borders and Mike Eng and Tino Chow from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). A collaborative platform through which engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, academics, and students engage in the free sharing of ideas and form lasting connections that lead to real-world change.
Student-run, campus-based food distribution program connecting the Brown community with regional producers through affordable weekly shares of fresh, local, and sustainable produce, dairy, eggs and meat.
Recognizing the declining health of the world’s oceans, policy makers, managers and scientists have called for expanded efforts at ecosystem-based management in marine and coastal systems (MEBM).
Many student groups at Brown promote energy and environmental initiatives and have spurred significant progress towards a more sustainable world on- and off-campus. These student groups represent efforts spanning a diverse array of environmental issues and advocacy approaches. From composting to climate change, poetry to policy, there is a student group at Brown that can inspire your environmental enthusiasm.
Brown is committed to leading by example in both addressing the University's impact on the environment and also galvanizing education, research and community engagement focused on confronting sustainability issues. The University's approach to sustainability is distinctive in focusing on the most immediate environmental challenges as well as the areas in which Brown is best positioned to effect positive change.
The Sunrise Movement hub at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design is mobilizing young people and college students to fight for climate justice and create millions of good jobs.