Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Delaney Dill

Advisor, Pursuing ScB in ENI Track
Areas of Expertise Student athlete, Transfer student, Interested in water law and policy
Pronouns She/her


Delaney is a senior, from Woody Creek Colorado, concentrating in Environmental Science on the Environment and Inequality Track (ENI). At Brown, Delaney is a member of the Varsity Rugby Team, a TRUE (transfer) student, and a Community Coordinator in Buxton House. Delaney’s motivation to concentrate in Environmental Studies stems from growing up in the Western part of the United States where many resources, such as water, are limited and distributed inequitably. She has knowledge and experience in wildland firefighting and hopes to get a JD specializing in Water Law and Policy. The courses that Delaney recommends as deep dives into ENVS are “Diversity of Life” and “Equity and the Environment.” In past years, Delaney has worked with political campaigns, a small start-up company, and many environmental volunteer groups. Please feel free to reach out to Delaney anytime – she is more than willing to sit down for lunch, chat on the Main Green, or connect you with campus resources!