Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Climate Misinformation and Climate Policy

Effective climate policy in the United States is hindered by twin forces: 1) A strategic, well-funded misinformation campaign, and 2) Inertial barriers to change. IBES is positioned, through world-class leaders and funded research projects, to document and help unravel the misinformation campaign in the U.S. while providing the information and bridging the gaps needed to enact effective climate change policies.

IBES is positioned, through research funding and a newly emerging collaboration with the Watson Institute, to develop pathways that break the inertial forces that have thus far stymied broad scale adaptation of climate policy and which can lead to specific policy legislation in U.S. states.


One of the greatest obstacles the world faces in the fight against climate change is inertia — the force that maintains the status quo and inhibits individuals and societies from making the most impactful changes that could mitigate the effects of climate change on a large scale.