Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

James Kellner

Director of Early Career Development and Training - IBES, Associate Professor of Environment and Society & Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology
Research Interests Structure and dynamics of tropical forests, Remote sensing

Recent News

At a full-day conference in April, attendees from across industries and geographies gained insights into the complexities of carbon offsets and their impact on global efforts to combat climate change.
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News from IBES

IBES: 2023 in Review

Dive into a year of accomplishments at IBES, where community-engaged scholarship, cutting-edge research, student-led projects and events, and more highlight the many ways that our community is rising to meet the 21st century’s climate, sustainability, and environmental challenges.
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Three members of IBES faculty will join Director Kim Cobb and Director of Undergraduate Studies Dawn King to form an expanded IBES Leadership Team, as outlined in the Institute’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.
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This spring, four members of IBES faculty received awards for their outstanding contributions to Brown and the broader community. This is Part IV of a series highlighting the exceptional work of each awardee.
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