Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Janek Schaller

Advisor, Pursuing ScB in CSP Track
Areas of Expertise Being a dual concentrator, Environmental writing, Member of the Climate and Development Lab, Balancing academics with extracurricular activities
Pronouns He/him/his


Janek is a senior from Chicago, double concentrating in Environmental Science and English on the Non-Fiction Track. He particularly enjoys exploring how our modes and manners of communication can impact the ways in which we interpret and integrate information, specifically with an eye towards creating more accessible narratives on climate change and climate action. This past summer, Janek conducted remote research on qualitative knowledge production among indigenous communities along the Yukon River in Alaska, and began working as a reporter for Possibly, a podcast co-produced by IBES and the public radio station for Rhode Island, a position he will continue to hold during this academic year. In the past, Janek also wrote for an environmental news source based at the University of Indiana, and spent several months volunteering on organic farms. At Brown, he conducts research in the Climate and Development Lab on misinformation and obstruction, plays in the orchestra and various chamber music ensembles, works as an intramural sports match official, and serves as a student coordinator for the campus tour guide program. Janek would be thrilled to chat about any of his prior or current work experiences, his involvement in research within IBES, course selection, balancing curricular and extracurricular commitments, and most anything else!