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Quahogging in Class with ENVS 0717

Students deepened their knowledge of course topics by working in the field and hearing from an experienced quahogger.
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Research Spotlight: Professor Jon Witman

Marine ecologist Jon Witman is driven to pursue permanent protection of Cashes Ledge, a unique ecosystem and natural laboratory in the heart of the Gulf of Maine.
The Washington Post

There’s a crisis in the Yukon River

IBES and History Associate Professor Bathsheba Demuth provided commentary on the various factors contributing to a decline in salmon in the Yukon River. 
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Meet the Postdocs: Sonam Futi Sherpa

Meet Dr. Sonam Futi Sherpa, a new postdoctoral researcher in IBES! Sherpa is working with Professor Laurence C. Smith's Northern Change Research Laboratory, using a NASA SWOT satellite mission to observe water and the proglacial environment. Read this Q&A (edited for length and clarity) to learn more about Sherpa's work and what she looks forward to doing at Brown.
Ahead of COP 28, an issue paper from the Climate Social Science Network (housed at IBES) reviews the history of Saudi Arabia’s role in global climate negotiations. It finds the Saudi Arabian state regards the UN climate talks and IPCC as diplomatic areas where it must slow, obstruct and – if need be – block progress. Co-authored by IBES and Sociology Professor Timmons Roberts.
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Alumna Spotlight: Nora Ong ’23

Building upon her undergrad experiences, this IBES alum now creates mission-driven environmental change at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.
Distillations Magazine

Fish Hacks

Written by Voss Postdoc Jayson Maurice Porter, this piece serves as a multi-species family history about how diasporic Black folks stay connected to the ocean and each other.
Undark Magazine

Fossils Are Shaped by People. Does That Matter?

IBES Affiliate and Associate Professor of History Lukas Rieppel offered extensive commentary about the preparation of fossils, noting that they exist as bits of naturally shaped organic material and as “multimedia sculpture.”

U.S. Global Change Research Program

The Fifth National Climate Assessment

Elizabeth Fussell (Professor in Population Studies and Environment and Society, Research) is among the authors of NCA5. You can read her work in Chapter 20, "Social Systems and Justice," which is the report's first-ever chapter dedicated to social science.
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Alumna Spotlight: Vasu Jayanthi ’23

Jayanthi’s undergraduate experiences and commitment to knowledge-sharing position her as an environmental advocate, ready to champion sustainability for policymakers.
Undergrad Fanny Vavrovsky said that the seminar offered “an actual path towards some kind of meaningful change that I can enact in the future.”

“That’s a theme for all the IBES events. These people are really cool, really engaged in what they’re doing, talking about projects that they actually care about and making an impact,” she added.